Niche Model – Help!

I wish to figure out what my niche is and I know that my thought about it is creating frustration. Below is my model, would like your feedback or provide some tips on how I can move forward on this and create an intentional thought?

C – Identifying a niche
T – I hate feeling stuck and not choosing
F – Indecisive
A – I give reasons why it’s difficult for me to choose a niche, I question what am I really good at, I don’t choose
R – No action, I stay feeling stuck and indecisive and therefore still haven’t identified my niche

This is my intentional but I do not 100% believe it

C – Identifying a niche
T – I love helping others. I know that no matter what niche I choose, it will make a difference in peoples lives.
F – Confident
A – I list the things I am good at and which one really calls my soul
R – I choose a niche, I narrow it down and feel confident in my decision