Niche – Money Coaching Part 2

Hi Brooke,

I’d love your feedback on my niche after reading your response to my “Money Coaching” question. I’ve been working with Suzy and she has been amazingly helpful.

Here goes: Women in their late 20s/early 30s who make over $100,000 in corporate or another firm, but who have credit card of up to $10,000 and are feeling like it’s becoming unmanageable.

They believe they make a good income and feel badly (embarrassed, guilty, ashamed, etc.) that they are not “further along.” They save a little in their 401(k) because it’s automatically taken out of their paycheck but cannot seem to “get ahead” beyond that. They want to save more because they want more out of their lives. Often, they know what they need to do (i.e. protocol but around money) but are not sticking to it because they give into urges around spending – usually because 1) they go out with friends and have a fear of FOMO 2) because they work hard and at the end of feel like they “deserve it” 3) because they believe that they make a good salary and therefore don’t think they should have to limit themselves. Even though they have a desire to save more and get out of debt, they give in to short-term thinking in the moment, rather than choosing long-term well-being.

I am a financial planner who, in the past, has served mainly young couples in the ‘burbs who are starting to accumulate more wealth because they are becoming more successful in their careers; however, I’d love to offer a coaching program for this new niche of women once I complete your training next year (although I am already a Martha Beck Certified Coach).

What do you think? Should I hone in more? What should be my next stesp?