Niche Question :)

Hello again!! I have a niche question for you after you responded to my last question.

I decided I want to work with women who have finished college and are in their first few years as a graduate so they will be able to afford 1:1 like I did.

I’ve become super specific by analysing my own life. I know you say there’s no such thing as too specific, but I would love your confirmation!

Here it is:

An introverted, empathetic, highly sensitive woman who is in a long-distance online hetrosexual relationship and is struggling with chronic conflict anxiety with her family who hate her boyfriend and want her to break up with him. She’s finished her business degree and is now working at a business company as a graduate. When she gets home, the anxiety comes back and she struggles to go back to work. She falls into depressive and anxious episodes.

She struggles with articulating how she feels and desperately wants her family to understand her point of view but amongst all the yelling, she’s stuck in fight or flight mode and either gets aggressive or literally runs away.

She doesn’t love, accept and approve of herself and seeks validation from her family to accept her and her life choices. She wants to move to the other country but is torn because her family say she is killing them with the amount of stress she is causing them. She’s a people pleaser and wants to make everyone happy, but doesn’t know how to.

She also has a lot of ambition and wants to start her own online business so she can work anywhere in the world and be with her partner. But first she has to live through the intense conflict anxiety and make a choice about her relationship with her family or relationship with her boyfriend and how to move forward.

I didn’t include the fact my relationship has a 13 year age gap because I felt that was way too specific (even though my 21 year old life coach and business coach both have 10+ year age gaps from their online relationship too plus struggles with their family)

Is this math correct?.

People on Earth: 7,000,000,000
50% women: 3,500,000,000
50% Introverts: 1,750,000,000
46% in a relationship: 805,000,000
20% of relationships began online: 161,000,000
82% are hetrosexual: 132,020,000

Doesn’t include percentage of people pleasers and empaths, hetrosexual or age gap so it would be less.

Is this the right way to do it and do you think this is a good niche? I feel it’s so specific because I’ve hardly ever met other’s like me, but the good thing is they would all be online.