Niche Question

Brooke, thank you for this opportunity! I LOVE Self Coaching Scholars!

I’ll try to keep this concise. It’s time for me to create my own business that builds on 20+ years of working within and with nonprofit organizations, including my past role as a nonprofit coach/consultant and presenter for someone else’s company. What are your thoughts about this niche:

My niche is women executive directors/leaders of nonprofit social service/crisis organizations with operating budgets under $1M that are based in Wisconsin and Minnesota. These are leaders who are overwhelmed with the donor development, fundraising, strategic planning, and budgeting process. They are in their late 30s-40s and are new to their roles as leaders. Most started working as direct client service providers within the org and were promoted/hired within the past two years. They are in scarcity, fear, and suffering about how to pay the organization’s bills, manage cash flow, raise funds, and get it all done. They likely inherited some financial messes. They fear donors and asking for money. Their board members have no idea how to fundraise and recommend they “write a grant” to Bill Gates or Warren Buffet for magical funding to save the day.

What I Offer:
I offer RELIEF, focus, intentionality, and FUN for the leaders of these organizations; and I provide a system that actually raises money and gets organizations in the black. It’s a future-focused; no drama, guilt, shame or blame system for nonprofit management.

My strategies and assets are workshops, trainings, presentations, and coaching packages that provide a system for fundraising, donor development, strategic planning, and budgeting (because they’re all interconnected) that can be done either by one person or a small team.

My brand is professional, yet easygoing, creative, and fun.

I can’t seem to step over that there is also a wellness component to this. Nearly every leader I’ve ever met who runs a crisis organization is overweight. She is a victim/survivor of her own past trauma, and is buffering through it with overeating. I lost about 50 pounds ten years ago with a system I created based on loving myself exactly as I am, letting go of body shame, and adhering to a structured eating plan with integrity–while keeping it all fun. I was working for a crisis org at the time. (It’s weird that I JUST NOW remembered all this, by the way!) I don’t see myself marketing this part of my business right now, but it’s in the back of my mind to launch within three years.

I am very excited to get to work! I have a call scheduled with Suzy in a couple weeks, but I wanted to get a head start before we talk. What do you think? Is this a constrained enough niche? Should I let go of the wellness piece entirely for now or let it brew in the background as I refine my tools and focus on the entrepreneurial aspects of the business?

Thank you!♡