Niche question

Hey Brooke!
I love your work, because I am always getting hit with new thoughts and my mind keeps expanding, even when I have heard something before. I don’t even remember which podcast episode I was listening to, but it was about picking a target market and sticking to it for one year. I decided on working with over-drinking and commit to a full year, which is not changing that focus until September 2018.
Of course, then my brain rebelled and tantrummed and purposefully wouldn’t think about narrowing down my target market for a full 2 weeks. This morning I sat down and made some decisions. I am committing to this market, even if it is the “wrong” decision in my brain when I wake up tomorrow.
If you could let me know if I need to tweak it or make it more specific, that would be fabulous:
I work with female mental health professionals, between the ages of 35-40, who work for agencies. They are overwhelmed by the intensity of their cases, lack support from their workplace, and talk and think constantly about having a glass of wine to feel better. They have found themselves not waiting until the weekends anymore, they have been having 1-2 glasses after work, and often find themselves drunker than they planned on getting. They are perfectionists, and do not practice good self-care, and don’t share their concerns about their drinking with their family or friends. They don’t believe they are really alcoholics, but they joke about it, and think about changing jobs constantly, so they can stop being so stressed out. They find themselves, emotionally and physically exhausted from the moment they wake up and many of them have physical symptoms of headaches, achy joints, and are overweight.
It feels surprisingly good to be more specific!
Should I be more specific? I am working on a very specific problem and how they would talk about it in their own words. Thank you for everything.