Niche Refined

Hey Brooke,
First, how do you make time to answer ALL these questions? THANK YOU for giving us so much access to you and your wisdom.
Second, I’ve refined my niche, below, (and of course, my own perfectionist gets in the way) and would love your opinion.

Niche/Problem: Professional, educated women 45-50 who are perfectionists and burned out in their current careers but can’t decide on a new or different direction because they are afraid to leave their “safe” job and are mired in “I don’t know what to do.”

My Solution: I help them clarify what they truly want and move out of indecision so they can create the next chapter of their lives. The process I take them through teaches them how to: 1) play and have fun again, 2) get outside of their own box and out of their own way, and 3) tap into their inner wisdom so they can continue to find their own answers.

Is any part of this too wishy-washy? I wonder whether the solution is a compelling reason for them to work with me.