niche schmicheeeeeeee

I know you have had tons of these niche questions. Here goes another:

I am a West Point graduate, ex helicopter pilot and could narrow to women in military …but it doesn’t really grab me or make me excited… maybe that doesn’t matter! General description:
-Women over the age of 45, at least $200k per year, executive/leadership position; mothers of teens or older
-Already work out and “eat clean” but still have 20 pounds or less to lose
-Have been struggling long time; tired of struggle; care more about being healthy than “looking good” . But we all know that’s a bonus.

Is that detailed enough or do I need to add one more layer? I am considering changing the focus to women who need to lose weight to women who have and educated enough to know that they look healthy but really aren’t. (Binging-drinking,etc….skinny fat).

Thanks for the help!

(By the way-this is one of my to do’s and i got it done in 3 minutes!) xoxo, tc