Niche vs Ideal client follow up

My 2 sentences.
Who I help: Creative, passionate, entrepreneurial or working moms who are interested in wellness and intentional living.
The problem: These moms are so busy trying to balance work and family life that they don’t make time to care for themselves and often feel stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed.

In my too many things question, you said “You know that you have many diverse offerings to do it, but I invite you to apply constraint in terms of how you will describe the solution to them – can you do it in one phrase?” Do the above need tweaking before I work on my solution?

You also said “In the meantime, start introducing coaching and thought work into your massage and education practice now.”
In trying to learn about starting a coaching practice, I have come to believe/understand that I needed to come up with a specific program to offer to begin working with clients, and that selling coaching sessions one by one wasn’t really a good idea for building a practice. So, should i come up with a mini general coaching package just to get started with existing clients? Or package an hour massage with a 30 or 60 min coaching session? I can also up my rates and just add an extra 15-30 min to my sessions to include time for coaching across the board. Do you have any other ideas for how to incorporate coaching now? I have been talking to a lot of my clients about the coaching and thought work already, but not as a stand alone service I am selling… just using our time together to “practice”. Which makes me feel like I haven’t really “started” my coaching business yet…