Hi! I had an haha moment when listening to the How to feel better workshop and the part about the nail-biting coach – I hadn’t realized niches could deal with those particular, very specific, problems. So here are some thoughts for some of your coaches based on the issues I encounter in my life: thumb-sucking for my 6 year-old, her fear of putting her head underwater when learning to swim… Would those work as programmes?
As for me, I’d love to turn my English teaching skills into English coaching – lots of French people know how important it is to speak English but feel they can’t for some reason or other. What do you think of that? I was thinking of focusing in particular on pronunciation – how to play and pronounce as if you were an English speaker.
Another niche that I’m very interested in would be teaching how to learn – how to get organized as far as time management is concerned, how the brain works and so on… Thank you!