Niche/Target market

Hey Brooke,
I have been dancing around the issue of clearly defining my target market. I’d like your opinion on whether this is too broad and suggestions on how to refine it: Recovering alcoholic perfectionists who grew up Catholic but are no longer practicing; high achievers but no longer enjoy what they do for a living and want to make a career transition but are afraid of failure. The problem or pain points they experience: lack of energy, feeling stuck and hopeless, often want to “do something different,” but don’t know what it is.
Result they will get from working with me: more energy and enthusiasm in their lives, clarity about why they are stuck and how to move forward, a reliable way to tap into their inner wisdom and strength, identify negative thought patterns that have held them back; ability to get un-stuck and move forward.

Thanks! Paige
P.S. I have 28 blog posts written! Only 2 more to go to reach 30. Thanks for the coaching last week. 🙂 🙂 🙂