That Niggly Sense of Doubt

Dear Brooke, my friend (because I think you are),

In doing thought downloads I now see sneaky doubting thoughts. While I’m excited about digging out this new level, I’m feeling stuck about clearing them out. Here’s the unintentional model where that situation showed up:

C – Purpose

T – I’ll fail in my commitment like I have with other things.

F – shame

A – avoid thinking about purpose, heap on more negative thoughts

R – fail in commitment to purpose

And, the intentional one….

C – Purpose

T – I can commit (still lots of doubt)……I will do it perfectly imperfect (nope, don’t believe this either)….

F – wishy washy

A – keep at looking for a new thought to support myself

R – commit to learning how to commit

So, there’s that result. Not so bad. Yet, I feel like I’m dancing around something I won’t look at. I’ve committed to weight loss and am doing that, with some bumps in the road, but all good learning experiences. If nothing else, learning that beating myself up isn’t effective in reaching goals. It’s that self-doubt I hear waaaay in the distance that I want to confront and eliminate, or soothe into self-confidence. (going to re-read the beginning of that month’s booklet now.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you,