Night Shift

Night shifts
I’ve been doing weekly 1-2 night shifts for 15 years now . I’ve still not made peace with them . I manage the shift well but it’s the drive back home which is agonizing . I want to make peace with the fact that my job demands night shift . I enjoy my job most of the times .

C my job
T I hate going for night shifts as I’m away from my family, away from my bed my home ,away from my sleep
F deprived
A sulk
R hate my job

C my job
T I’ve a job which helps me cater people 24×7 and it pays me good money to do that . Money can’t buy everything but sure buys most things
F proud
A look forward going to work
R love my job

How do I actually think these thoughts as by default I think of thoughts in my unintentional model