Hi Brooke,
This may sound like a little girl’s problem, but nightmares affect me so much.
I am 31 years old and nightmares have been the top on my anxiety list for years. Not all nightmares (the ones that are realistic , that may actually affect others, for example – a dream about losing my job etc) don’t affect me as much because, when I wake up from the dream I tell myself – that can’t happen, it was just a dream. I usually go back to sleep immediately after such dreams.
The kind of nightmares that affect me badly are the ones involving paranormal or supernatural incidents. I have always believed in these as a little girl (and I do believe in them even now, though I hate to admit it) and such dreams scare the shit out of me. That’s one of the reasons I avoid watching horror movies or read horror fiction.
I woke up in the middle of last night after one such dream, I struggled to fall back asleep. Part of my brain was telling me – It was just a dream , its ok go back to sleep. Other voice was saying – What if that was true? What if that dream actually happens? Why should YOU get that dream? There must be something ?
Unlike old times, I said to myself – these are all just thoughts, its ok if you want to feel scared. But I just could not hold on to that emotion or feel it longer. I was so scared that I avoided the fear completely and started looking at facebook to divert myself. Then 30-40 mins later I fell asleep.
After waking up this morning, the dream sounds silly 🙂
My question is – How can I handle the rush of fear in the middle of night? what are some thoughts that I could think? Please help!
Thank you