No more buffering – panic attacks?

Good morning,

I have been listening to your Stop Overeating Workshop. I developed a protocol along with lines of what you recommend. I have an eating window from 12 pm to 8:30 pm. My meals and portion sizes are planned. I dropped the flour and sugar. Yesterday was my first day on the protocol. I wasn’t hungry; however, I had an awful day of panic attacks. I went off anxiety medicine a year ago and went to a holistic nutritionist who suggested smaller, more frequent “paleo-type” meals on the premise that the fluctuation in hormone levels is an additional stress on the body and can play into panic attacks. I am not suggesting that I want to eat more often. I was just wondering if you have seen this before? Has your experience been that levels and eventually the panic attacks even out. It was such a drastically different day that I thought there was perhaps a correlation between stopping the emotional eating and the panic attacks. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Either way, I continue on. . . I dropped half a pound between yesterday and today. Hooray!