No C?

Is it possible to have a model without a C?

In my thought downloads, a lot of stuff that comes up are just old beliefs that come up during my downloads that don’t seem to be triggered by any particular C. Or is that the C and I can use it in my IM like below?

For example – this morning – one of my thoughts was “nothing is changing”. Would the C just be thought download? Do I need to dig deeper?

My model is:
C: ?
T: Nothing is changing
F: Hopeless
A: not do things on my to-do list, give in to all urges, ruminate on all the hopeless things in my life, withdraw from social events and friends / loved ones
R: nothing is changing

C: Brain offered thought of “nothing is changing”
T: I have seen massive growth before. Just because I’m not recognizing it in this moment doesn’t mean it’s not happening
F: Accepting
A: nothing
R: Keep moving forward on my journey