No childcare

I feel like I have zero control over my schedule. I know this is a thought that keeps coming up.
C: I have no more childcare for my 1 year old daughter as of 1 week ago. The nanny just left.
I saw this coming and wanted to talk about it with a coach weeks ago, but I was told not to worry about it because it hasn’t happened and might not. But now that it is happening I am totally thrown off, with no plan and am not prepared. I went from have 5 days a week to work on my business (and that is how I planned my week) to 1 hour per day at most. There’s a lot of drama around this for me.
T: I can’t be a mom with a newborn and have a business.
There’s a lot of pressure right now on me to build this business and now is such a great time to do it because I’m home. This is so frustrating.
This thought keeps on coming up for me.
F: Angry
I’m not sure what A or R is, there is no action I can take right now. I’m just running around all day trying to make it to the end of the day and survive.
It’s so hard to not be tired and to enjoy anything.