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I have three compelling reasons for my goals.

1.) I don’t want to be like my mother just waiting for someone to show up to take her somewhere or to keep her company and entertain her.

2.) I want to be able to have my husband retire to pay him back for nursing me back to health and financing my self-development

3.)  I want to show my adult kids that people can change and that anything is possible.

Yet, after spending more than 50K in courses, coaches, hypnosis, and every kind of healing modality you can possibly think of, I am where I started 5 years ago.

A coach told me that I need my husband to support me emotionally and that is why I unconsciously am holding myself back and I need to make a decision to stay where I am or get a divorce if he will not support me emotionally.

He is a very good man and very kind and supportive in other ways, he is just not emotionally available when it comes to coaching. I think that that is just a thought error and I would I would love your opinion on this matter. Looking forward to your reply.