No end in sight

I have spent over a week working on getting my cell phone plan switched and working. I have spent over 12 hours on the phone and have gone into the store 8 times now. Unfortunately the problem is still not resolved and it is consuming my thoughts, and time. I feel like I’m going into victim mode when thinking about it, thinking like this is never going to end and feeling powerless, which causes the action of rumination and results in me not getting other things done.

I want to feel more empowered and have tried on “this will get figured out”. But whenever I try to think that thought my brain rejects it and comes up with “but when!?” or “you’ve already done everything at least twice and it still hasn’t worked!”. I am trying to set my schedule but keep having to change it because they say “it should be working in 24 hours” but isn’t. I then start beating myself up for not being productive with my work and other goals…. How can I show myself compassion without spinning or rejecting the neutral/positive thought?