No End To How Much I Still Learn

Mind you, I am 44 years of age, and am almost a Triple Diamond Scholar, and yet only this morning I had a brand new realization of everything that Brooke teaches and of my brain and how it works.

I do want to say that it came to me when I decided a week ago to stop using my morning walks to catch up on listening to podcasts and instead I decided I will use this time to listen to my own thoughts and do some brain house cleanup. Few days after I stopped feeding my brain with content, this emerged:

So, I lost 50 pounds when I first joined SCS, then gained 40 pounds back and have been trying to resume my protocol for the last year.

On today’s walk I realized that the reason I keep pushing resuming to next Monday, the 1st of next month, and now my brain is even suggesting waiting till the new year, is because of what my brain makes it mean to resume the protocol.

And while I always knew intellectually that my brain generates for me this over-desire, in that the moment, I realized that my brain PREFERS TO THINK THOUGHTS about resuming the food plan THAT CAUSE ME TO KEEP POSTPONING IT. How clever my brain is! It thinks:

This will be really hard.
It will take forever.
I might as well wait to January 1st.
Holidays are just around the corner.
I deserve comfort food.
I don’t feel like resuming it.
I don’t want to feel deprived.
Everyone says it will be so hard.

So my realization is that these are not just thoughts that I am thinking, but rather thoughts THAT MY BRAIN PREFERS TO THINK, because it learned that when it thinks that and I believe them, they prove to be really great one to keep me seeking pleasure and avoiding perceived pain.

So on this morning walk I decided to walk a little longer and ask myself:
Now that I know this, how do I want to tell my brain to think about resuming my food plan tomorrow?

Thank you for everything!