No event for homework

Hi, I’m struggling with the week one homework. I don’t have any event in my past that I want to refrain. I do have some habitual beliefs that are ingrained that I would like to get rid of but they don’t really spring from any specific event.

For instance, I assume some people will dislike me. I create drama around that before it even happens and create elaborate defensive strategies. But I don’t blame that habit on anything that happened in the past. I habitually decide I’m unattractive before I even try to dress up. I think that is just failing ahead of time, not because my father once suggested I change my hair style.

So I’m having a hard time making a link between the unhealthy optional thought list we made and any event to reframe.

I’m frustrated by this because I’ve committed to doing all the work for this course. So I’ve spent a couple hours trying to dig something up… I’ve was bullied when I was young, I was overweight and unpopular, etc but frankly, I despise bringing that up and trying to create a poor me story out of it. I was also smart, had lots of good friends and learned how to stand up for myself. My guiding principal has always been – hey, when you’re a kid and people don’t care for you etc as they should, that’s on them. Once you’re an adult, you own all of that and it’s your own job to clean it up. You don’t get to blame it on anyone but yourself if you don’t deal with it.

I look forward to the daily work but the weekly events… what do you suggest I do for them?