No Goal at the Expense of Myself- AMD

Oh. My. God. I was just starting to get used to saying impossible goal – To be a writer at goal weight with 4 books for sale, who earned $50K in sales during 2018. Then I started plotting out all my fails. My thought down load today was hysterical.

“OMG This is crazy, I should quit, no, no I shouldn’t, I should do this, this is crazy, No, try better, not possible, can’t be done, losing weight no worries, no time to eat, should have started last year, I’m setting myself up for Crazy Town. I haven’t been this excited in years”

Then this:
C: Impossible goal
T: this is crazy
F: Overwhelm
A: Quit
R: It was crazy

C: Impossible goal
T: Attempting this will change my life.. what if I succeed?
F: Excited
A:Re plan
R: Changes everything

Attempting this will change my life… because it already is… I’m so excited, it’s like the best buzz ever. And just trying to plan it all is already changing how I think about it. Next up: How to plan and attempt this while keeping this livable?

– Any recommendations for how to keep this exciting and not have it turn into something I do at the expense of myself… ?