No hugging

My daughter has a thing about people hugging her, but mostly its for me. Honestly its mostly a control thing for her. So I finally agreed to stop hugging her. It was a big deal when I let her know I would stop hugging her because it bothered her. She was mad at me because I didn’t agree sooner.

Since that time, my husband has hugged her twice and she hasn’t been upset by this. As a matter of fact the first time he did this she announced that he was allowed to do this and I wasn’t.

This pissed me off because its just rude and obviously directed towards me to hurt me. Plus I was pissed at my husband for being so clueless and thoughtless. He knows that this is super painful for me and he just casually goes up to her and hugs her without any thought.

In both instances I have felt like its them against me and its hurtful. It instantly fills my mind with angry negative thoughts and I think why did I bother getting married and having kids if this is what it has turned out to be.

I don’t how to get past this and just accept reality. I don’t fight it anymore on the outside but on the inside I’m raging and crying.