No Income holding me back

I am 95 % sure I’d like to leave my husband. Regardless, if I do or not, I have one problem. I have no income and therefore, no money to rent a home for me and my son. I want to be financially secure and confident that I can provide for us the day I move out. I am not willing to move into a friend’s home just to get away. It is important to me to provide a good home for my son.

Problem 1: I am and been a stay-at-home mom for 7 years. It is not possible to have a regular 8-5 job at the moment because of child’s schedule and husband’s work.
Problem 2: Covid19

I feel so stuck and go from thoughts like, I can learn the Stockmarket, become a massage therapist, paint and sell my paintings, sell skincare, instacart. But these still would not get me the income to move out. I don’t know how to go about changing my situation and grow strong and independent from my husband. I feel I am doing some major work here and narrowing down my thoughts on what to do and how and understanding that my biggest circumstance is that I have no income. I do several models but the bottom line is that the result is that there is not income coming in, at least not enough for me to move out. Help.

Thank you