No Luxury of Time

Hi Brooke,

I hope you are somewhat settled in your new home and reunited with your family and the two fluffies 🙂

My husband and I are getting divorced after seven years of marriage. We have no children and so it will be basically an agreement, each one is taking his belongings and off we go.
Only he is a lawyer and making a nice income that enabled us both to live from his practice alone. I moved to the US seven years ago, studied MA for the first two years, looked for a job another two years, then blogged a bit and then decided to write a book, which was never written. Basically I lived as if I have a thousand years to live and no worries ahead.

Now reality strikes and it says, ‘You now need to find a source of income to pay rent, bills, and student loan on your own.’
I can think positive thinking till the cows come home but I need a more immediate solution as I have no savings, only debts.

In an ideal world I would offer some sort of services or give some value but I don’t have any skills to offer.
When it comes to polishing my resume and send them out I don’t know how to explain seven years of not being in the job market.

Intellectually I know that with my thoughts I create my results but I don’t have the luxury of time to acquire a skill or become a coach or complete a book overnight.

What might I do?