No major problem…

I joined in December. I have been pretty consistent in doing thought downloads daily and most the time plug models in place. The minor problem, is that I have done a lot of work on myself, and I don’t feel I have any real problems. Pride? Haaa. One of my intentional thoughts is that I seek discomfort, I am humble, I care deeply, I am present. I am a Loving wife and mother (of 6), and I am FUN. Am I just in my own little world? I kinda feel dumb that I don’t have huge crap going on. I have had crap in the past, and I’ve worked on it through the years.
I mainly joined to learn more skills on how to coach my clients and I did end up doing my own program in Jan. and Losing the last 7 pounds! Blew my mind because I am excited to not fluctuate. (Smaller by 15 lbs, than I was in High School, NOW I’m 5’4, 121 lbs, age 35 with 6 kids). Heck, I am excited about this because, I have really worked on consistency in keeping it off forever and only having once a week intentional joy eats. Thank you for teaching me the pre-planning and how to do a joy eat. I would love to not love my 2 ‘joy foods’.

So, As far as the models go, I know there is real value in it, but I feel every time I do one, it’s kinda dumb and not making a huge impact on my life.

Here is an example of my model. I feel like this isn’t majorly effecting me to debilitate me.
C: Moving for the 17th time
T: So much to do and I’d rather do work on my biz, and this always requires people to help us move, it’s getting old to ask my family for help
A: Multi task in listening, AND annoyed (wrong energy), victim mentality
R: Wrong energy, buttons pressed more easily by family, have to take time to meet people again, time is precious

Intentional model
C: Moving for the 17th time
T: There is lots to do, but I can de-clutter
F: Freeing
A: Multitasking with correct energy
R: less in my life, new people to meet, more biz in the next spot.