No more love feelings?

End of 2018, I attended a 10 days silent meditation retreat. It was an amazing exercise and I came out “reset” somehow. Since then, I’ve noticed I experience the physical sensations linked to feelings much less. For example, when thinking of my family or friends, I used to feel surges of fuzzy sensations through my body that I attributed to the love I have for them. But not anymore, I feel like a calm lake at sunset now when I think of them (but I don’t think I love them any less though).

I used to monitor those body sensations to gauge my reactions to people/things/events. Now that they seem much less present, I wonder what to do? Rely on my thoughts only? Since I don’t want to believe anything I think, I am not sure it’s the best path. Observe the tiny physical sensations I still have? Or be completely intentional and decisive with my thoughts and follow what I decided to believe (won’t I risk ignoring subtle clues?)?

Would love some insights 🙂 Cheers and thank you