No Overeating Tracking

C: Track my overeating % the last 3 months. Month 1 was 73% of the time not overeating. Month 2 was 77% of the time not overeating. Month 3 is at 63% of the time so far with a couple more days to improve it but max score if I don’t overeat the rest of the month would be 74%.
T: I wanted to be at 90% this month.
F: inadequate
A: try each day again to not overeat only in the last couple minutes of my meal, overeating again, Feel insecure about my midsection and blame it on my overeating, Want to hide or be alone more, Judge the amount of food I’m logging
R: wanting a result I didn’t create for this month and making myself feel bad about it, not improving my overeating.

Obviously, I’d like to turn this around into a 90% track record for February and end January strong.  So, I guess new model might be:

C: 9 days left in January
T: I can make not overeating fun again
F: committed
A: allow myself to relax at night in other ways like tv or podcast, Use urge beads, Identify before the meal what I want to think during it and what I am committing to, Find loving thoughts about the process, More variety with my meals instead of going overboard on the current foods I am overeating
R: stop overeating the rest of the month