No resolution

Hello 🙂
Inlaws recently got upset with a text I sent. I do not believe I was wrong with what I wrote. I apologized (learned in my call that was not necessary). Then I requested a video chat so we can resolve and talk. They postponed for 2 days, when I requested again they said no again. So I said my peace, because that is the action I wanted to take. I feel like I really did show up in love. Now the ball is in their court I guess as they said they will reach out to me. Do I take more action?

At this point, I am at a point where I love you but I do not need to be around you either. Am I really loving them if I don’t want to be super connected with them? In my call it came up that this is a form of people pleasing and I am trying to take the blame for their actions. This is a relationship that I believe I may not want. I am fine with family gatherings on a yearly basis. Feel way guilty because the deeper belief we found that I did not know I can change is that Family = you have to spend time with them.