No snacking ever? Even with food on our protocol?

Is the idea that it doesn’t matter what we’re snacking on at all (i.e. baby carrots for example), because the act of snacking is just something to avoid, period, end of story? Does bone broth count as a snack? I’m only 3 days into my protocol so far, but after watching the whole stop overeating workshop, I’m blown away by how easy this is (and I’m someone who has struggled with my weight my entire life). Before I started the workshop my thought was “ok, let’s see what Brooke’s got for me because I’ve heard it ALLLLL before.” And then you proceeded to rock my world so deeply, I went out for Chinese food with my family the other night and didn’t even consider once eating those delish crispy noodles they put out for you on the table. Even after only a few days, I already feel like: STEP THE HELL OFF, EVERYONE WITH YOUR LAME-O FLOUR AND SUGAR…I got this. So thank you x a million billion gazillion! I’m so excited to keep going.