At least here you would get the heat AND the ocean! Just saying…

So excited to have found your podcast and SCS!!! I’m a certified health coach looking into life coaching certification, and your program is simply AMAZING!!!! I really really really hope you create a Life Coaching Certification program where people who can come live to you for 6 days can still get certified under your teaching. You are truly incredible at what you do!!! I joined this month, and it has been exactly what I needed. My business is fairly new, have had only 3 paying clients so far, and the dare of the day is really helping me move my business forward at much higher speed. I just went to a conference from my health coaching program this past month, and got some major breakthroughs in my money barriers, so I am now trying to just find the courage to up my program from $1,000 cash or $1,200 in 2 installments (which was a HUGE deal for me, because I truly didn’t think I deserved that as a newbie in the business) and now I was challenged in by my program to double that…it freaks me out and makes me think “Who on earth will I find clients to pay me that much?”! As you can see still have some work to do…but at least I don’t see having money as something EVIL, or that charging high fee is greedy. In fact, I totally see how people value a lot more the more they pay!

Quick question, I missed the last coaching call June 5th and never got the replay, is there any way I can access that?

Thank you for your amazing work! And best wishes to your family on this new transition!!!