No sugar

Hi! I’ve stopped eating sugar since last December. I’m really glad about it. It’s not about my weight, which is fine, but I’m really happy because I’m beginning not to crave sugar anymore. I want to be a person who doesn’t eat sugar and who doesn’t even think about it. And this is slowly happening. So great!

I will attend a yoga retreat in one week and there are desserts which are served once a day at diner time. I don’t really want to eat them but I’m afraid of other people’s reactions and I’m afraid it will be weird. I’m asking myself if I will have to leave the table because I’m not eating the dessert. And desserts there are a huge topic of discussion, they are really good and I did enjoy them in the past. Also, they don’t contain a lot of sugar, and I’m indecisive if I should eat them or not.

I know those are all thoughts. They are totally optional. My brain is telling me this is complicated but it’s not. It’s just a thought. It could be easy to eat those desserts and be ok about it and even enjoy it. And it could be easy to say I don’t eat sugar and not eat the desserts and enjoy it. My guess is, there is more growth involved for me to choose not to eat the desserts. I don’t really want them and this would be a great opportunity to coach myself!

C: yoga retreat
T: this is complicated not to eat those desserts
F: embarrassed
A: don’t tell I don’t eat sugar anymore, ruminate about what people will think, ruminate about what will happen, eat the desserts
R: I’m not the person I want to be

C: yoga retreat
T: I’m a person who doesn’t eat sugar
F: aligned
A: write an email to say that I don’t eat sugar anymore, don’t eat the dessert, coach myself in this experience
R: I become who I want to be

Thank you!!