No Sugar No Flour – Fat Adaptation

Hey! I have a couple questions about NSNF. I’m a beginner so right now I’m just trying to eliminate sugar/flour from my diet. I’m looking at ingredients specifically.
Corn chips only list corn and oil as the ingredients, so is that a safe food to keep eating?
Also about blood sugar and insulin. Is there a specific number that we shouldn’t let blood sugar exceed? I know there’s no specifics about that in the coarse but I’m so curious about it that I bought a glucose meter so I can track the effect of foods on my blood sugar. Is there a certain range to stay within to remain fat adapted once I get there?
Is the withdrawal period the same as the time it takes to become fat adapted (2-6 weeks)?
One more question: In the beginning, am I only eliminating sugar and flour and just eat when I’m hungry? And THEN once the withdrawal period ends I start planning, measuring food, and keeping a food journal and plan an eating window for intermittent fasting?