No Sugar No Flour–Is it for me?

I am happy with my current weight, and feel like I know how to control it fairly well. The thing is, as I age, I can tell eating a lot of sugar in particular, makes me sluggish and I don’t feel my best. I tried going NSNF for a little while. It felt pretty good and I even became fat adapted quickly as I was able to go without food without being super hungry.
When I was doing NSNF, I lost weight and I don’t really want to get a much thinner. I even overheard someone say I looked anorexic (I don’t think I did. It was an exaggeration, but it bothered me). I like to keep a bit of curve and a more athletic look, which I currently have. Is there an “in between” place for those of us that don’t want to lose a lot of weight, but want to feel better? I know we can make our protocol anything we want, but it feels a bit like I would be using willpower everyday if I don’t go all in NSNF, instead of becoming fat adapted and losing the desire of S and F. What do you suggest?