No Sugar/Flour and Going Vegan

Hi Brooke! Thank you for SCS! I have a question for you about how to approach my diet…

Right now I’m on a good routine where I eat pretty much the same simple foods every day. Mostly healthy but does include some flour and sugar. I don’t overeat per se, but I know I buffer with sweet foods and would feel better without the flour and sugar. I also want a flatter stomach (currently around 5’7″ and 125 lbs, have had three kids), but I don’t think I need to lose weight… Just wish my tummy would reshape itself a bit and I’m wondering if that might also be related to sugar.

I’ve also always wanted to be vegan for ethical reasons. Every time I’ve tried this diet though, I don’t feel good physically, no matter how much protein and fat I try to add in. I don’t stick with it. Still looking for a way to make it work, though, I love the idea of eating vegan.

I often feel low blood sugar and eat every couple hours to avoid that. Eating more protein and fat has helped me with this, too. But often I don’t even make it through the night and end up having a bowl of cereal at 3am. I’m intrigued by IF and wondering if that might actually help me feel more even keel.

So thinking about a lot of possible diet changes here and wondering how you would approach this.