No time estimation intelligence

Hi there –

Thanks for all the answers.

I’m working hard at setting goals (for completion, not tasks), and assigning myself an amount of time to get something done. For instance, I went to clean my one closet last weekend and I thought, “Yeah, an hour, tops.”

It’s Thursday, and I’m almost done. I am seriously starting to wonder if I was born without this part of my brain.

It comes up in my work, too. I think, ok, I’ll give myself an hour to write this article. But my brain will drift, or I’ll need to verify a fact, make a call, and boom, it’s four hours later.

I know, I know, NO MATTER WHAT! And that is my battle cry when I start. Part of it must be my ability to follow through, but I’m guessing another part if it is probably my ability to accurately predict what is possible.