No weight loss: Change protocol or keep going?

Hi, I started my no sugar / no flour / no snacking protocol a month ago. Initially I lost a few pounds, but haven’t lost any in the past two weeks. I believe I’m fat adapted (or close to) as I’m no longer hungry or really wanting food between meals.

Prior to the protocol I ate snacks throughout the day. Overall I am eating less food each day and fewer carbs than prior to this protocol, and my eating window is several hours shorter. My activity level is about the same (3 – 5 miles of walking).

I’ve got about 50 pounds of excess fat stores for my body to eat from. Is the fact that I’m not hungry between meals evidence that the body is using up fat even if it’s not showing on the scale?

I’m really surprised that the changes I’ve made aren’t showing up on the scale.

Should I continue with this protocol with the expectation that the scale will catch up eventually? Or is this an indication that I need to change the protocol? If so, how?

This model seems off:

C – weight same
T – I expected the scale to be down
F – Surprise
A – Continue protocol
R – ?