Nobody thanked me

We had a holiday event at work yesterday where people thanked each other and expressed gratitude. I am a member of our executive team along with 4 other people and lead a large group at our firm – during the exercise, only one person thanked me. I’m embarrassed to even write this, because I feel ridiculous, I keep telling myself, ‘hey, you’re in a different kind of role…this is for them, not you….the other members of the exec team didn’t get thanked either….you are being petty…grow up’ etc – And it was our last day of work until January…so I am feeling like I am ending the year on a ‘blah’ note instead of feeling good. For instance:

C – Holiday event, people said thank you….one person on my team thanked me
T – People don’t think I’m good at my job, everybody knows that I wasn’t thanked
F – shame, embarrassment
A – ruminate; keep telling myself to ‘get over it’
R – going into a holiday break feeling badly; not excited about work or this job

I seem stuck in this feeling. I want to feel things like appreciation, joy, gratitude. I would love some suggestions for potential thoughts to get out of where I am right now.