I live in a little town and the noise is deafening – between the gardeners blowing, the people remodeling, digging up the streets. Driving me nuts.
This is my model
C- Noise
T- Shut up!!! Be quiet.
F- Physically, tightness in chest, agitation, can’t breathe, feel attacked.
A- Waiting for it to stop, tense up, ordering it to stop in my mind, try to leave, when it is quiet enjoy
R- Anxiety

New model
C- Noise
F- Joy and peace
A- Me in the present moment and being quiet.
I can’t get this one really. It feels so visceral, not even a thought. But I know, if I had fallen down a well and the noise meant I would be saved I would want it to continue. So I know it’s a thought but can’t figure out the new one. Any suggestions?