Non stop talk

I’m having a hard time not getting annoyed when my daughter will not stop talking to me when I’m trying to do something. It’s like I don’t see her for a long period of time and then as soon as I’m doing something for myself it’s like she pops up out of nowhere and wants to talk/rant to me about something. It can be anything – stuff that happened years ago, something she saw on social media, or just some random question.

If we could have a conversation about any of these topics then it might not be so bad, but she literally wants to rant at me non-stop. And if I try to offer any opinion or point of view she gets very defensive and says she was only joking.

It’s really starting to wear on me. I feel like I’m being held hostage to her non-stop talking. I’m trying to not act annoyed with her but I’m zoning out wishing she would go away. That’s awful I know but its honest.  Please help.