Is it normal to feel more tired than usual when we are allowing negative emotions?

Hi Brooke,
Thanks to this month’s topic, I’ve been doing a lot of work on identifying and feeling my feelings rather than buffering them away. A lot of sadness has surfaced and I’ve been learning to just sit with it and support myself in feeling it. I’ve been feeling more tired than usual as well. I’m wondering if this is typical when you are just getting started allowing negative emotions. In the past, I think I’ve stayed busy and not allowed myself to feel sad. Now that I’m checking in with myself and asking myself how I can care for myself, the answer often seems to be rest. I am still getting my SCS work done as well as work I choose to do for my family and my job but I’ve replaced my primary question of “What do I have to do today?” and am now asking myself “How can I care for you today?” and the answer is frequently to allow myself more periods of rest and less constant busyness and checking things off my to do list.