Not able to go back

3 years ago I got laid off with a severance. I took that as an opportunity to go all in on my coaching practice thinking I could always go back. I was a pharmaceutical sales rep and I was a top performer almost always being in the top winning trips and making lots of money and bonus money. I have now gone on 4 interviews and was told great job but “we’re going with another candidate”. Now I’m seeing I can’t just go back and make that great money again and I’m panicking.

C – 49 y.o. with a coaching practice and desiring to supplement income
T – I haven’t been able to supplement my income with a pharmaceutical job
F – discouraged
A- sometimes I feel in the zone to make it happen in my coaching practice because it’s growing but then I panic and apply for rep jobs; what I’m not doing is staying focused on my coaching practice I scroll for jobs to apply to
R – no supplemental income

I want help with how to think about the fact that no company has hired me and not make that mean that I can’t go back and that it’s not possible for me to get that job again. I have fears that I will not increase my income from my coaching fast enough to meet our financial obligations.