Not being a nice person

Hi coaches,

I have not been a nice person to live with lately.
I am bored, I am over my workaholic partner. And not having time for me.
I am sick of my in-laws being involved.

I know these are all thoughts and they are each generating their own negative vibrations in my body. Which is showing up horribly in my actions toward him. I lash out at him. I am moody and have attitude toward him.

My results are that I am not loving myself.

I am not coming from a base line of love. I’m not taking into account the 50 percent of life that each of us have going in our lives.

Maybe I need a tattoo on my eye lids, or on my hand that reminds me to love… love myself when when I feel mean. Because I am being mean to myself first / too.

And of course practice the thoughts of I’m ok. I love my partner. My partner is working hard for our future. Etc.

Thanks for listening. I think I found my answers.