Not being honest with self

I messaged someone that I shouldn’t really of messaged (sort of an ex).
A few weeks ago they told me that they needed a doctors appointment. I messaged them today to ask if they got the appointment. I told myself I was only contacting them to check they got the appointment, but when they replied just saying ‘no, not yet,’ I felt so crappy. I think really if I’m being honest I was looking to start dialogue or just for some attention, otherwise why would I feel hurt when I got a short reply?

Could you check my intentional and unintentional models below please?

C words in message
T he doesn’t care about me
F Self hate
A self judge, ruminate, procrastinate
R Feeling not worthy, ruminating , thinking I am not good enough

C words in message
T I am not emotionally affected by words in a reply
F self trust
A being kind to myself, continuing with my day
R feeling unaffected by message, confident in myself and trusting myself

For months I have been trying to understand why I was the best thing in the world to this person one day then, for no apparent reason, I suddenly became uninteresting to them. It makes me feel like I was only good enough before they got to know me. I’m constantly trying to get them to care when the clearly don’t.