Not Being Myself

Hi there,

I noticed something so interesting.

When I’m around people who have different mindsets or just other priorities I’m not myself, I hide the true me just in order so we can have a better time together.

I met a friend of mine in a shopping center and I noticed that I’m not saying what I really think of certain things. I say the thing that is “most appropriate”.
and the funny thing is my friend doesn’t care she is truly herself and says what she thinks.

I think I’m not 100% myself because if I would she would think what I say is stupid and I would feel worthless.

Because when I’m around people who have the same mindset I go on and on about things and I’m more self-confident.

But when not then I’m really talking shit.

How can I go out with her and still be myself and love her and love me?

Thanks for your help!