Not being selected

I would like some help with a model, I feel like I’m caught in the T line. I have a lot of thoughts about the circumstance, maybe I haven’t moved beyond my initial thoughts.

C: My son was not selected for extra training at his school. I didn’t even know this was happening until I heard about it from another parent whose child was selected.
T: I wonder what the criteria the teachers used to select kids, I wonder why my son wasn’t chosen, I wonder who are the group of kids who were picked. Thought that I could ask the principal or the teacher about who was selected or what was the criteria and why she didn’t think of my son. Ask if there will be other opportunities. Ask the principal if he understands how kids not being selected could make them feel bad about themselves and left out.
F: heavy feeling in my stomach
A: Writing into scholars, I haven’t taken any action other than writing down my feelings, I feel caught in my thoughts that I haven’t done enough for my son, he isn’t ready for something like this and he is being his peers.
R: Not sure what my result is because I haven’t really taken action, I’m asking for advice. Not sure if I will contact his teacher or the principal to ask for feedback/clarity.

Thanks for any suggestions on where to take this or how else I can reframe this.