not only bitchy but also WRONG!

hi- I’m a new scholar and having trouble figuring out this model, and our homework asking us to pull out the unintentional thought. Situation: last night was talking with someone and the name of a person came up in conversation who I know of but don’t know personally. I’ll call her “X”. I have a negative opinion of X from what I have heard about her (I know I know! this was all super gossipy and I totally engaged in snarky gossip), and when I was told last night that X has written a book and is on tour promoting it, I made a really snarky disrespectful comment about what the book must have been about. Then when I researched it later I found that the book actually sounds amazing, based on Byron Katie’s work. I felt crappy about my gossiping, and then found I felt particularly crappy because I was so wrong about X and her book. So what is my unintentional thought? That “it’s bad to be a mean spirited gossip, but even worse if the person turns out to be a good person”? Where do you start with modeling this? Help! thank you!