Not Buffering Part 2 & thoughts

Yesterday I wrote a list of painful thoughts that I downloaded, referring to my story.
Went for a long walk with the dog yesterday.:)
This morning I am looking at intentional thoughts

T-I have no control over what happens, I am out of control
F- aimless
R- things don’t change

Intentional- feels much better
T- i can choose what to think to give myself wonderful opportunities
T-i can choose to feel strong, powerful, excited, in control, free of others expectations.

I can choose more powerful thoughts about my story as well.
I can say that I created an amazing life for myself regardless of any challenges I faced. I can define my life as amazing rather than in a negative light.
There are lots of great things about being free of partner/family and maybe I can leverage that.

Thanks for helping, still working at it

(I am taking you up on posting as much as I need right now, a little scary but…)