Not compelling enough reason?

I started in May and though I’ve tried to come up with a compelling enough reason for weight loss – it must not be compelling enough because I keep falling off the wagon. I was able to do the NF for 6 weeks (and NS/NF for 4 weeks) and lost about 13 lbs. But then came summer and parties, and ice cream, etc and while I’ve stuck to the NF for the most part and haven’t had a cookie or soda since May and can do the IF (no breakfast) but the weight is creeping back up. I feel like I should be ‘tougher’ etc. but every time my back starts hurting (I have a herniated disc/arthritis in it) I’m looking for something salty (chips) or sweet (ice cream, pudding etc). Some sort of treat. I’m about 25lbs overweight but have struggled with eating (hiding food/binging etc.) since forever. I used to be able to work out and I was going to Title Boxing every other day and felt awesome until my back decided to quit on me. Then I rescued another dog as mine had passed last year (and of course between being depressed and not walking I gained 15-20lbs) – now my new dog has passed away as well (Dr. thinks maybe an aneurysm) and so now I’m not walking again and there is so much to do around the house (as well as my full time job and I’m trying to get some photography into a gallery as well etc. etc.). These are all excuses I know but how do I figure out a compelling enough reason. I was using the tried and true – ‘to be healthier, comfortable in my clothes, able to play more with the kids etc’ but since the back is so aggravating I can’t do that anyway so here I am. Help!