Not Completing The Habit Is Dissatisfying – Part II

Thank you for your reply to my previous question by the same title.

This past weekend I managed to follow my protocol but felt I had to keep myself busy with TV in order not to go and eat off protocol. My guess is that it doesn’t count as allowing urges, even though the result is that I did stick to my protocol.

This morning I felt lethargic and then an urge to eat off protocol and you won’t believe it but suddenly I was given such energy that I practically jogged to my favorite cafe.

Now, it’s a fifteen minutes walk away so I had time to think and I tried to coach myself.

I started having this inner conversation:

Me: I only rush to the cafe now because not eating flour and sugar seems dissatisfying to my brain now.
Brain: It is dissatisfying. Let’s go get it.
Me: Okay, relax, we are going there. But wouldn’t it be amazing if I could be satisfied even more with the choice of NOT going? What would my day look like then? I’d probably feel lighter, no brain fog, proud.
Brain: Sure, let’s try it another time. Keep walking.
Me: I am almost there, I guess you are right. IT won’t make sense to go all the way home now without eating.

And so I went inside and ate off protocol.

So I thought that this inner conversation was me doing self coaching but it didn’t work for me.
Could you help me pin point at which point was I unsuccessful?