not doing my to dos

I think this question was missed so reposting
Im not following my to dos
I wrote them 3 weeks in a row did some but not most
the fourth week I haven’t done the list

I wrote it out all of my to dos 3 weeks in a row but I just haven’t scheduled it, even though I intended to. Now I have 3 weeks of things to do and Im just not doing them. I just am not getting over the “I don’t want to part”
I am having avoidance and very negative feelings towards my impossible goal

I usually get so excited and fired up for my goals but this one has me feeling more despair then excitement
I chose this because I feel I NEED to handle my finances and I do……

to elaborate
I have no income coming in
I made my impossible goal 123k this year then I upped it to 200 to make it more impossible

I think I’m avoiding my work because Im conflicted on what to pursue

I have a yoga studio I almost sold it
canceled the deal thinking I would do better this year and I’m not

I feel frustrated and discouraged

I don’t feel passion to keep doing this and I feel like I have to because I don’t know another way

I signed up for the coaching program…
what can I do to get myself to follow thru???
or to get my result?

c zero income
t I can’t turn this thing around
f discouraged unmotivated
a want to clean or do coaching stuff but no income producing things
R no income but lots of self knowledge

advice please:)🙏